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Dislocating Education

Spanish Language Schools

As the world seems to be getting smaller, more people are interested in attending Spanish language schools to learn Spanish, or, for native Spanish speakers, to learn in their native language while living in the United States.

As more immigrants arrive from Mexico, Central and South America, Spanish is becoming a useful language to learn for marketing and customer relations. Businesses who reach out to customers and literally “speak their language” are often more successful that English-only corporations.

Many companies seek to place Spanish ads in Hispanic neighborhoods and to turn diversity into increased popularity and sales. These companies may send staff to Spanish language schools so they may be able to communicate with the Spanish-speaking public.

Other Spanish Language schools teach courses, such as GED and vocational classes in Spanish for new immigrants who are learning English, but have not yet achieved the level that would allow them to complete a degree in English.

School Loan Consolidation

School loan consolidation refers to the practice of putting all student loans into one unit and paying them off with one convenient payment.

Most students, even those with scholarships to their university, college or technical school need some form of financial assistance in the form of private of federal loans, and many graduates find that they are still paying off student loans well into the future.

For those students who have several loans, this can be quite burdensome, especially if these loans are grouped separately and the graduate has to keep track of several different payment schedules. With school loan consolidations, a lot of the headache of keeping track of student loans is eliminated, and school loan consolidation can save a lot of money.

Many students find that, after school loan consolidation, they end up paying up to 67% less a month. No wonder school loan consolidation makes a lot of sense.

Pharmacy Schools

For those who are interested in a career in the medical profession and are interested in types of medicine, there are many pharmacy schools available offering vocational degrees to doctorates.

Before looking at pharmacy schools, it is useful to consider what area of pharmacy is best suited to you. There are those who attend pharmacy schools to become full-fledged pharmacists, whereas others are involved in tested new medicines and organize clinical trials.

Most pharmacy schools offer a Pharm D or a PhD, and some vocational schools train students to become pharmacists’ assistants. Some prefer to get a certificate and work with a pharmacist before going to pharmacy schools and enrolling in the full, four-year program.

The Pharm D is the most common course offered at pharmacy schools and is a four year, full-time course that offers students an opportunity to specialize in one of three areas:

Online Nursing Courses

The internet has afforded students in all disciplines with opportunities that were never dreamt of decades ago; who would have thought that there would be online nursing courses turning out many qualified nurses every year?

It is possible to earn a nursing degree online, and there are online nursing courses that offer RN, BSN and MSN degrees.

Of course, online nursing courses require the prospective nurse to go to a local hospital or medical center to complete his or her clinical training, but it is possible that the nurse can complete his or her degree without having to visit the campus.

This means that online nursing courses can be based in one part of the country and be taken by a student on the other coast. Therefore, competition between online nursing courses can be fierce, and this competition benefits the customer, or the student.

Online Business School

For those who want a practical degree that will mean more earning power, online business school is a good choice.

Technology has revolutionized correspondence courses to the extent that it is possible to complete an entire business degree at an online business school without every having to venture on campus (except, perhaps, for a final examination).

Online business school courses can easily fit into the busiest schedules, and many people have full-time jobs or can manage family obligations while taking courses in their spare time. Online business school is an excellent option for those who want to get a great education without having to commute or to live on campus.

You can find the same kinds of courses at an online business school that you can find at a traditional business school, including classes in:

Trade Schools

Trade schools are designed for the career-oriented students who do not want to waste time taking courses they do not need. Traditional colleges will award a degree, but many hours are spent taking distribution requirements that are not related the main subject the student is going to study.

Trade schools are geared toward a specific profession, and are a good choice for those who want to focus on their careers and do not want to spend the time and money on a traditional college or university degree. Trade schools usually give the graduate as many career opportunities as a four year bachelor’s degree, often in half the time.

Trade schools offer courses in virtually any area of study that is useful in today’s marketplace.

Some of these areas include:

~ Information Technology

~ Art and Design

~ Media Art

Music School

For those with talent who want to make a career out of making music, going to music school is a good way to improve chances of success and even stardom.

Although many music schools are fiercely competitive, once one has gained admission to an elite music school, the greater the chances of realizing one’s dreams of pursuing a career in music.

You can find a music school that specializes in your area, but most schools offer instruction in:

~ Voice
~ Instrumental Music
~ Orchestral Music
~ Musical Composition
~ Conducting

Many fine music schools, such as Julliard in New York, are located in major Metropolitan areas, but Indiana University Music school, situated in the pleasant college town, Bloomington, is also a fine music school with many prestigious graduates. Choosing the right music school means opting for an excellent instructors and facilities over location.

Law School

It is a well-known story that a guy decided to enroll in law school “because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood.” However, most people do not attend law school because they didn’t feel like going to medical school, but because of the advantages a law degree can offer.

Almost anyone, from artists to engineers, can benefit from a law degree, and it can be an extra feather in their cap when it comes to applying for work or to promoting or advancing their current skills. Others pursue various types of lawyering part-time while engaged in other professions such as teaching or the arts.

Going to law school is great for someone who wants something to fall back on, but those who succeed in law school are often those who have a true passion for the subject. Although half-hearted law students might pass the bar, the rigors involved in law school, especially in the first year, usually allow the most sincere students to thrive.

Home Schooling

It is not unusual for a parent today to remove his or her children from the school system and to set up a home school. Although this practice has been, and still is, met with some suspicion, the home school movement is gaining increasing acceptance, as more parents opt for home schooling.

There are many home school success stories, which remove common objections that a child may not be able to receive the same quality of instruction at home or may not enjoy an active social life. Establishing a home school is certainly challenging, but many parents find that they reap many rewards.

There are many reasons parents decide to home school their children. Many parents decide to educate their children at home so they can provide an education that is consistent with the family’s religious traditions or values. As stories of school violence and drugs become more prevalent, many parents believe that a home school will provide a child with a better environment than a regular school will.

Art Schools

If you have always had a flair for art and are interested in making a living doing what you love, there are many art schools available that will allow you to hone your skills and to turn your passion into a career.

However, if you prefer to pursue art as a hobby, many art schools offer part-time recreational courses for those who pursue art as a pastime. Some art schools are specialized and focus on one area, such as film, graphic design, or fine arts. Other schools offer over a dozen majors in almost every area of art.

Some fine art schools are dedicated to “art for art’s sake” whether it is sculpting, painting, drawing or photography. Other arts schools have more of a vocational focus and are geared toward teaching the artist to use his or her skills in the marketplace.

Culinary Schools

For those who are born to cook and spent their early years clutching their mother’s apron strings to get a look at what kind of souffle she was making, culinary schools provide the opportunity to develop an interest in food into a profession.

Those who work as chefs find the work demanding and rewarding, and culinary schools can help one find a situation as well as train to become a chef. The best chefs do not always go to the best culinary schools, but it is a good idea to enroll in the best-quality program you can, since the food industry is growing, but at the same time, is still quite competitive.

Usually, the more elite the restaurant, the higher the chefs are paid, and the best culinary schools usually provide staff for these fine restaurants. Therefore, the money spent on programs at fine culinary schools usually pay off in the form of excellent job opportunities.