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Dislocating Education

Archive for May, 2012

Spanish Language Schools

As the world seems to be getting smaller, more people are interested in attending Spanish language schools to learn Spanish, or, for native Spanish speakers, to learn in their native language while living in the United States.

As more immigrants arrive from Mexico, Central and South America, Spanish is becoming a useful language to learn for marketing and customer relations. Businesses who reach out to customers and literally “speak their language” are often more successful that English-only corporations.

Many companies seek to place Spanish ads in Hispanic neighborhoods and to turn diversity into increased popularity and sales. These companies may send staff to Spanish language schools so they may be able to communicate with the Spanish-speaking public.

Other Spanish Language schools teach courses, such as GED and vocational classes in Spanish for new immigrants who are learning English, but have not yet achieved the level that would allow them to complete a degree in English.