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Dislocating Education

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Business School

Business school has become an increasingly popular option for prospective students from all walks of life.

The internet revolution has created thousands of new businesses, and many people find it useful to take a course in a business school to learn how to manage their own business. Many others who have been working for a company for several years may consider attending business school at night to benefit their company and perhaps to secure a promotion.

Business school is a good option for those with various backgrounds, such as artists who want to start a graphic design business, or lawyers who want to specialize in business law. Basically, business school can suit almost anyone who is interested in commerce.

The gold standard of business schools is Harvard Business School. Although it is quite challenging to obtain admission to Harvard, those who are accepted soon understand way. Harvard is unique in offering the case method, developed in 1925, in their business school

This case method is reminiscent of the case method used in law school, and allows the student with practical situation and problems often encountered in a business setting. The student will be asked to solve a particular issue facing a business owner, and in the process, gains knowledge in practical business solutions.

These life-like scenarios place the student in an imaginary executive role, and are an excellent way of preparing him or her for the future in a company.

Harvard is not the only excellent business school; there are many fine schools that offer various kinds of degrees from certificates to Ph.Ds. For those interested in studying business, it is possible to obtain:

  • A certificate
  • Diploma
  • B.A.
  • CPA Certification
  • MBA
  • MPA

A certificate usually involves specialized study in an area, and is useful for someone who is already employed and wants to enhance their skills in a certain area of business or commerce. A diploma involves more in-depth study than a certificate, but is usually a short course and is designed for the student who is not able to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

A B.A. in business provides an excellent introduction to the business world, and is a good preparation for one’s career. A student can pursue a B.A. either in a business school or in a university. In the course of study, which usually lasts 4 years, the student is introduced to various business environments, models, and processes. One also learns the basic principles of business organization and develops decision-making skills.

An accounting course at a business school that prepares one to take the test to be a certified public accountant usually lasts around a year, and is an excellent practical degree that will allow one to make income in his or her spare time. Since everyone does taxes, accountant are required all-year round, but especially at tax time.

Many people find an accounting course to be a quick way to establish a career. A professional certificate management is a good option for those who are already working and want to enhance their credentials. This degree can help bring a promotion in a management area, or is useful degree for someone who already occupies a management position. A course leading to certificate of management can be taken in the evenings and weekends.

An M.BA. is a sought after business degree that can propel one into a high position in a company. M.B.A.s are offered at business schools and many universities, the courses last 2.5 years. After successful completion of an MBA, a graduate is in a very good position to land a job in the best firms.

To apply for an MBA in the United States, you will need an undergraduate degree ( or to be in the process of finishing an undergraduate degree) and you will need to take a standardized test called the GMAT. Many people choose to go right into an MBA program after college, whereas other prefer to work for a short time before applying.

Businesses will sometimes fund an MBA program for an employee, and in return, the employee will agree to work for the firm for a certain number of years.

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