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Dislocating Education

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Home Schooling

Home Schooling

It is not unusual for a parent today to remove his or her children from the school system and to set up a home school. Although this practice has been, and still is, met with some suspicion, the home school movement is gaining increasing acceptance, as more parents opt for home schooling.

There are many home school success stories, which remove common objections that a child may not be able to receive the same quality of instruction at home or may not enjoy an active social life. Establishing a home school is certainly challenging, but many parents find that they reap many rewards.

There are many reasons parents decide to home school their children. Many parents decide to educate their children at home so they can provide an education that is consistent with the family’s religious traditions or values. As stories of school violence and drugs become more prevalent, many parents believe that a home school will provide a child with a better environment than a regular school will.