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Driving School

There are many reasons one may want to attend driving school. A driving course is necessary to pass a driver’s test in order to obtain a license, and is a good idea for those who have difficulty driving or suffer from anxiety behind the wheel.

There are many kinds of driving schools which teach the following:

  • Basic Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Truck Driving
  • Racing
  • Bus Driving

For those who want to attend driving school as a first step to obtaining a driver’s license, one should keep in mind that one needs to pass an eyesight test, and a practical and written exam.

Many driving schools offer 8 hours or more worth of lectures, and one has to get a score of 90% or higher on the test in driving school before one is given a certificate. The lectures cover many areas, such as defensive driving (which includes the concept that a driver must always be on the lookout for other drivers and to try to anticipate what they might do).

There is usually a review of signs and signals, rules and regulations, and a guide of what to do in case of an emergency. Basic skills will be discussed in most lectures, but many of the skills are left to the practical part of the instruction.

Driving schools include practical instruction as well as lectures, since no one can develop good driving skills without practicing them behind the wheel. The driving instructor sits on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, and there is an extra brake available on the passenger’s side to use in case it is needed. The prospective driver is then taken on residential, city and highway drives and is taught the procedure for driving in each situation.

To maser highway driving, a student has to learn how to disembark from ramps and to change lanes effectively. Parking is an important part of any driving course, and many prospective drivers are expected to master special skills, such as parallel parking. Night driving is also something that is learned in driving schools, and some courses might require the student to drive with the instructor at night.

For those seeking certification to drive a truck or a bus, there are specialized driving schools that reward these degrees. The courses are usually intensive and short, sometimes around 4 weeks to complete a 160 hour course. Like any other driving school, these schools include both lectures and practical instruction in their courses, and degrees are rewarded after passing a written and a practical examination.

One who is successful at completing a truck driving course receives a CDL license and can begin work as a certified truck driver immediately. Financial aid is often given to students in need, or a student can continue working at his or her regular job while attending a part-time weekend course which usually takes around 8 weeks to finish.

Although truck and bus driving have been traditionally male professions, more women are becoming drivers, and driving schools today are forbidden from denying any student access to its courses on the basis of gender.

For those who are confident in their driving abilities, and who want to teach others how to drive, there are special courses available at driving schools to train driving instructors.

Practical and written training and tests are administers, and one will need flawless performance to instruct others in driving. Working as a driving instructor can be an enjoyable and profitable career, and many driving schools offer certification courses for those who want to be instructors. Since there will always be people who want to learn to drive and who need instructors, there is usually work available.

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