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Dislocating Education

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Online Business School

For those who want a practical degree that will mean more earning power, online business school is a good choice.

Technology has revolutionized correspondence courses to the extent that it is possible to complete an entire business degree at an online business school without every having to venture on campus (except, perhaps, for a final examination).

Online business school courses can easily fit into the busiest schedules, and many people have full-time jobs or can manage family obligations while taking courses in their spare time. Online business school is an excellent option for those who want to get a great education without having to commute or to live on campus.

You can find the same kinds of courses at an online business school that you can find at a traditional business school, including classes in:

~ Finance
~ Business Administration
~ Marketing
~ Human Relations

You can earn a certificate, a Bachelor’s degree on an MBA online. Some schools offer flexible scheduling, whereas others expect the distance student to keep up with the classroom schedule. Which online business school course you apply for depends on your needs and learning style.

The coursework at an online business school is the same as that offered to on-site students. Lectures can be downloaded via an audio and/or visual file from the online business school website, or a student may be able to purchase DVDs of lectures.

Professors often have chat groups and specific times during which online students can ask questions via chat. Otherwise, a student can e-mail all questions to the instructor. Assignments can be e-mailed to the instructor and sent via attachments or faxed to his or her office.

Corrections can be scanned and sent back to the student. Papers can be handed in and returned through the same method. Due to the nature of online schooling, the writing component is weighed more heavily in the final grade than examinations, although a student may have to venture onto campus for a final exam or to go to an approved location to take a proctored exam.

Since students from all over the country and the world can apply to online business schools, there is incredible competition between institutions.

It can no longer be assumed, for instance, that a certain number of students will have to apply to a particular business school because the location is convenient for them, or because they already live in that state. Therefore, online business schools are geared very much toward pleasing the “customer” or the student, and as any business student knows, increased competition means better customer service.

Therefore, there are many advantages to applying to online business schools, since administrators are constantly improving programs to attract new students to their sites.

The application process for online business schools is quite similar to the procedure necessary for admission to traditional colleges and universities.

If you are applying to a vocational online business school, you may need fewer documents than if you are applying to a college or a university.

An online business school at a college or university may require most or all of the following:

~ An application
~ Letters of recommendation
~ SAT and/or ACT scores
~ An application fee
~ An essay

Other documents and transcripts may be necessary.

Some students worry that by attending online business school, they will not be able to make the connections necessary to find a good job after they complete their degree.

First, a business degree is a very profitable investment, and will usually lead to a good job.

Secondly, internships are always available to business students, and a great way to build your resume is to get experience with a firm through internships.

Third, those who are enrolled in online business school have the advantage of flexible schedules that will allow them to work, gain experience and to build their resumes.

At many online business schools, the same career development programs are available to distance students and on-campus students alike. If this is a concern, it may be worthwhile to enroll in an online business school not far from your home so you can periodically visit with the career placement staff.

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