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Dislocating Education

Ballet School

Ballet is one of the most demanding and awarding disciplines in the arts, ballet school is usually not a temporary course taken in a few years, but encompasses a ballet dancer’s existence from an early age until the dancer begins to work professionally with a company.

Even after the dancer achieves professional status, it is likely that he or she will return to ballet school at some point, and many retired dancers often teach in a ballet school. Therefore, the best dancers spend a good deal of time in ballet school.

Ballet requires the physical stamina of the most strenuous types of athletics, and the classes taken in ballet school focus on physical conditioning as well as areas of dance theory and technique. Classical ballet school begins for most dancers at an early age, and usually lasts a minimum of eight years.

Acting Schools

Many people decide to enroll in acting schools because they dream of an exciting career on the stage or the screen. Others decide to attend acting schools for the fun of it, or to develop an interesting hobby and to meet people.

There are many acting schools, particularly in New York and LA, dedicated to both the serious student and the casual theatre-fancier, although the schools are usually separate. A student can earn a BA in acting, an Associate in Arts or can opt just to take classes with no special degree. Many experienced actors return to acting schools to take refresher courses, to work again with a valued mentor or to teach.

Many classes in acting schools are taught by well known actors who have been on the stage and screen for decades. In fact, many actors attend certain acting schools specifically to have an opportunity of studying with a giant in the field.

Golf School

Learn from professionals and improve your game on vacation by enrolling in golf school. For those whose idea of going on vacation means spending most of the time on the golf course, golf school is an excellent choice to unwind and learn to play like a pro.

There are golf schools located in many places around the US and overseas, so if playing golf is not your spouse’s idea of a good time, you can go to your favorite resort and vacation spot and take golf courses while your spouse and kids swim, go shopping and check out the local sites.

There will also be enough time for you to enjoy other activities besides golf, since most sessions end in the early afternoon with ample time to explore, have a dinner in a restaurant and enjoy the city’s nightlife. A vacation golf school combines learning with relaxation, and there is likely a golf school located close to your current vacation spot.

Driving School

There are many reasons one may want to attend driving school. A driving course is necessary to pass a driver’s test in order to obtain a license, and is a good idea for those who have difficulty driving or suffer from anxiety behind the wheel.

There are many kinds of driving schools which teach the following:

  • Basic Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Truck Driving
  • Racing
  • Bus Driving

For those who want to attend driving school as a first step to obtaining a driver’s license, one should keep in mind that one needs to pass an eyesight test, and a practical and written exam.

Many driving schools offer 8 hours or more worth of lectures, and one has to get a score of 90% or higher on the test in driving school before one is given a certificate. The lectures cover many areas, such as defensive driving (which includes the concept that a driver must always be on the lookout for other drivers and to try to anticipate what they might do).

Graduate Schools

For those who have completed an undergraduate degree and to wish to continue their studies in a specialized field usually consider graduate schools as the next step in their path toward career or academic work. Many people who are successful in their fields have attended graduate schools, and an MA is fast becoming what a BA was only a generation ago.

Many businesses are looking for candidates with specialized degrees, and it is for this reason that graduate schools are becoming more popular for those who are finishing or have finished their undergraduate degree.

The main question that concerns the undergraduate is whether he or she should work for a year or go right into graduate school. It is true that admissions workers in graduate schools often look favorably on candidates who have had some work experience in their field, but this depends very much on the type of field one is entering.

Massage School

For those who aim to ease the aches and pains of today’s fast-paced life, massage school is a great way to earn a degree in less than a year and to learn how to help others by improving their health and sense of well being.

Massage therapists are more in demand these days, and many earn from $40 to $60 an hour. Many massage therapists work privately, running a practice from their homes or along with other medical professionals in a clinic. Other massage therapists are employed as staff in gyms, spas, resorts, and work in with orthopedic doctors, and chiropractors.

Massage therapists are in demand for sports medicine, especially for sports like football for which injuries are commonplace.

Technical Schools

Technical schools, unlike traditional colleges and universities, allow a student to focus only on the courses he or she needs to take for his degree in a relatively short amount of time.

Technical schools are designed for the career-oriented student who may be working already and who may want to supplement his or her knowledge and skills in the field, or those who are not yet working, but have a very concrete idea of what they want to do for a living.

Technical schools often offer a wide variety of degrees and courses, and these courses vary in length depending on the type of degree rewarded. For those who want to complete a degree or a certificate program in a relatively short amount of time while working or taking care of family obligations, technical schools are the right way to go.

Nursery School

If you have been a stay-at-home parent of a young child, and you are thinking of returning to work or simply want some time to yourself, it might be a good idea to enroll your child in a nursery school. Of course, your child should also be ready to go to nursery school, and it is important to decide whether or not your child is actually ready.

In general, an ideal time for nursery schools is when a child is no longer in diapers, is able to communicate, and seeks friendships with other children, usually around the age of 2 or 3.  However, because of necessity or desire, many children are placed in nursery school much earlier, and benefit from the experience.

Language School

Language school is the best option for those who want to learn a new language or to take a refresher course in a language they might have learned in high school.

There are many well-established language schools around the world, and you can find intensive courses, night courses, and total immersion programs in the country of your choice.

Going to language school is a better option than learning at home with books and tapes, because receiving instruction from a native speaker, face to face, is a more effective method of learning a language than learning prepared words and phrases. Good language courses will encourage you to create your own dialogue and to learn to express yourself in the language you wish to learn.

There are many reasons a person may want to attend language school., and learning a language is a useful for:

Cosmetology Schools

Cosmetology schools are for those who are concerned with looking good, and who want to help others to achieve their full beauty potential.

Perhaps potential beauty school students are those who often cut their doll’s hair or were the first to experiment with Mom’s makeup kit. Cosmetology schools are for those who want to transform their lifelong interest in beauty into a career.

Those who enter cosmetology schools are usually the type of people who often take notice of other’s hair styles or cosmetics and make suggestions on how to improve. Many of these people realize that they can make a career out of designing makeovers for others.

The ideal beautician is a person who combines artistic flair with interpersonal skills, and it is important that those who work in this field have both traits.

Medical School

Medical school may not be for everyone, but those who decide to make the big leap are usually pretty certain that they want to become doctors, or at least to graduate. The drop-out rate from medical school, unlike law school, is pretty low, and this indicates that many of those who enter medical school are prepared for the work ahead of them.

The medical career is one of the most rewarding professions, since it literally affects the lives of many people. A significant amount of work goes into this profession, and most of those who have the ability to get into medical school in the first place have the willingness to meet the challenge.

How do you know if medical school is right for you? The medical profession is one that combines detailed scientific knowledge with the human touch and compassion for others. If one of these qualities is lacking, then one might be better of being a scientist or to study the humanities.