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Dislocating Education

Dance School

Whether you have aspired to become a professional dancer or are looking for an enjoyable way to keep in shape, you can find a dance school that will offer full-time courses and part-time evening classes for children or adults.

Most dance schools offer a wide variety of styles in their course list, and it is rare to find a dance school, apart from a ballet school, that will specialize in only one type of dance. Therefore, it is possible to take a wide variety of classes in one setting. Most dance schools offer basic dance styles, such as:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Tap

Military School

Military school has the well-deserved reputation of instilling discipline in its cadets and many choose military school because they enjoy the structure and order of military life.

Not all of those attend military school end up in the military. Some consider a BS gained at military school to be a perfect springboard for other careers. Many employers are impressed by applicants who have attended military school, and they  believe that military school graduates are the kind of employees that can be depended upon to come through on tough assignments and to show loyalty.

West Point, one of the most prestigious military schools in the US, has a four-step system through which its cadets are educated.

Many other military schools follow this model which includes:

  • Intellectual Education
  • Physical Development
  • Military Training
  • Moral-Ethical Instruction

Graphic Design Schools

Graphic design, a very broad area of study, is very much in demand with today’s computer technology, and therefore, more graphic design schools are sprouting up in many cities around the world.

There are specialty graphic design schools that are focused on visual media production, graphic design programs offered at traditional colleges and universities, and art schools that offer graphic design options.

A student can complete his or her work in the classroom or online, and there are many online graphic design schools and programs to choose from. Many graphic design schools offer certificates in a certain area of graphic design, or degrees.

Graphic design schools are usually quite good at placing students after graduation, or at least allowing students opportunities to network. Graphic design is one of the most sought-after areas of study today, because there are diverse fields and companies which require graphic designers, as well as many opportunities for graphic designers to work privately.

Business School

Business school has become an increasingly popular option for prospective students from all walks of life.

The internet revolution has created thousands of new businesses, and many people find it useful to take a course in a business school to learn how to manage their own business. Many others who have been working for a company for several years may consider attending business school at night to benefit their company and perhaps to secure a promotion.

Business school is a good option for those with various backgrounds, such as artists who want to start a graphic design business, or lawyers who want to specialize in business law. Basically, business school can suit almost anyone who is interested in commerce.

The gold standard of business schools is Harvard Business School. Although it is quite challenging to obtain admission to Harvard, those who are accepted soon understand way. Harvard is unique in offering the case method, developed in 1925, in their business school

Cooking School

If you have always wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts, you probably have considered attending cooking school, but were perhaps were unsure which one to choose. You don’t have to go to the most prestigious cooking school to find the courses in the area of culinary arts you wish to study.

However, if your dream is to work as a head chef in a fine restaurant, it is worthwhile to attend the best cooking school. Almost every cooking school offers courses in:

  • Baking
  • Sauces
  • Pastry
  • Desserts
  • International Cuisine
  • Wine

If you know that you want to attend cooking school, but you are not yet certain of which specialty to choose, it is a good idea to take a basic cooking course which will also serve as an introduction to other areas in the culinary arts. There are also brief, week-long courses that focus on certain areas.

Real Estate School

If you love homes and have a born-to-sell attitude, real estate school might be a good option to begin a career selling houses and apartments.

Those who apply for real estate school are usually those who are looking for a career that will give them independence, flexibility, and which will allow them to make money without spending hours at the office. People who work in real estate are usually on the job in the evenings and weekends when potential customers are available to look at properties.

This profession is ideal for parents who want to spend more time with their children, or anyone else who is looking for something beyond the 9 to 5 schedule. Real estate school, like the real estate work schedule, often holds classes on weekends and evenings. Real estate school involves some investment of time and money, but leads to a rewarding and satisfying career.

Traffic Schools

People attend traffic schools for many different reasons, and students at traffic school may include:

  • Those who want to reduce their penalty
  • Those who want to obtain their driver’s license
  • Those who want to reduce their insurance
  • Those who need driving instruction for their jobs

Traffic schools teach the rules and regulations of a particular state, and therefore, what you learn in your course will vary according to your location.

Before attending traffic school, you should at least have a feeling that you are going to stay in a certain state for a particular amount of time. This is especially true for those who attend traffic school to obtain a work-related license, since moving to another location might entail taking a refresher course and another exam.

Nursing School

For those who have an interest in medicine and a caring attitude, attending nursing school may be a good option. Although the field of nursing is not for everyone, it is quite a rewarding profession, both personally and financially.

A good nurse combines thorough medical knowledge with the human touch and the capacity to explain facts to a patient with a nurturing attitude. Nursing school can help the potential nurse develop his or her skills and to gain the knowledge needed for the nursing profession.

Many people decide to enroll in nursing school because of the increasing demand for nurses in the US and the rise in nurses’ salaries. Financial considerations, while important, should not be paramount in deciding to attend nursing school, since the profession is quite challenging, but very worthwhile for those who feel that nursing is right for them.

Interior Design School

If you have always enjoyed designing and redesigning your own space, interior design school may be for you. Perhaps you are the type who notices the way a home is arranged as soon as you enter, or may prefer one restaurant over another, not because of the menu or the service, but because of the ambience created by the interior design.

If you choose to enroll in interior design school, there are many different programs to choose from, depending on how much you want to specialize.

Many designers begin their careers with a certificate from an interior design school, and later decide to “upgrade” their degrees with a BFA ( a Bachelor of fine arts) or an MFA (Master’s of Fine Arts). A student can attend interior design school at a college or university or obtain a certificate at a trade school.

Film School

Many artistic graduates are interested in going to film school after high school or upon completing an undergraduate degree. Many of these students have a bent for drawing, photography, acting or writing and see film as the best way to use these talents and the most likely way to make a living doing what they love.

Not everyone who graduates from film school earns the kind of income Steven Spielberg enjoys, but many find that their opportunities for success in this field are greatly increased after graduating from a good film school. As with any other arts fields, there is fierce competition between artists, but the best and most skilled filmmakers often succeed in their profession.

Since film school is a significant investment of time and money, it is a good idea to take a few brief film classes to see whether or not film is really right for you before making the plunge into a full time program at film school.

Fashion Design School

If you were the type who enjoyed sketching, sewing and fitting clothes on Barbie and Ken, it may not be surprising that you are interested in attending fashion design school as an adult. Usually those who enroll in fashion design school have a lifelong love of fashion and clothing, and want to turn their passion into a profitable career.

Although admission into fashion design school can be competitive and finding a job upon graduation can be challenging, many talented people have flourished in fashion design school and have been able to find jobs in the field without difficulty. A fashion design school may exist under the auspices of an art school, or it can be located on the campus of a college or university.