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Dislocating Education

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Real Estate School

If you love homes and have a born-to-sell attitude, real estate school might be a good option to begin a career selling houses and apartments.

Those who apply for real estate school are usually those who are looking for a career that will give them independence, flexibility, and which will allow them to make money without spending hours at the office. People who work in real estate are usually on the job in the evenings and weekends when potential customers are available to look at properties.

This profession is ideal for parents who want to spend more time with their children, or anyone else who is looking for something beyond the 9 to 5 schedule. Real estate school, like the real estate work schedule, often holds classes on weekends and evenings. Real estate school involves some investment of time and money, but leads to a rewarding and satisfying career.

The basic course offered at real estate school allows potential real estate agents to learn basic principles of their profession and to pass the state real estate exam that the student will take upon completion of the course. It is important to choose your real estate school carefully, since every school is designed to teach the exam of its home state.

Therefore, if you envision moving in the future, you may have to take another real estate exam in another state to be able to work in your new state of residence. There may be ways to avoid taking a new real estate course and to instead take a refresher course that will allow you to learn how the regulations of that state are different from those of other states.

Going to real estate school is an option for those who feel that they will stay in the same state for a period of time, or who can easily transfer their license to work in other states.

The basic course offered at real estate school usually lasts for about 20 lessons and covers such topics as:

  • Selling skills
  • Negotiating between the buyer and the seller
  • Listing properties
  • Appraisal
  • Writing contracts

These classes are available at many different levels, from pre-licensing, post-licensing. A person may need to take these classes as part of a refresher course or to move to broker status. Real estate courses may also be available through an intensive weekend course, or many choose to take only a few classes at a time. Many believe they need a math review for the exam, and take a preparatory math course.

Going to real estate school and obtaining a license may be a significant investment, but many feel that the profession is lucrative enough to allow them to pay off the costs they incurred for going to school. For some, the total cost of the course, the examination fee, and the annual fee on agents levied by the state may be around $2,000.

This may be considered a rather modest fee for schooling, but a student also needs to consider that there will have to be some funds invested in tools needed to set up one’s real estate business, such as a company car, a cell phone, marketing materials and good wardrobe.

However, it is possible to recoup these expenses by the first and second closing, and this is a refreshing change from other courses that require years of paying off student loans.

Real estate school offers short-term courses focused on allowing the student to become a real estate agent in a short amount of time. Many attend real estate school to find a career that will allow them to make a good living while maintaining a flexible work schedule.

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