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Dislocating Education

Art Schools

Art Schools

If you have always had a flair for art and are interested in making a living doing what you love, there are many art schools available that will allow you to hone your skills and to turn your passion into a career.

However, if you prefer to pursue art as a hobby, many art schools offer part-time recreational courses for those who pursue art as a pastime. Some art schools are specialized and focus on one area, such as film, graphic design, or fine arts. Other schools offer over a dozen majors in almost every area of art.

Some fine art schools are dedicated to “art for art’s sake” whether it is sculpting, painting, drawing or photography. Other arts schools have more of a vocational focus and are geared toward teaching the artist to use his or her skills in the marketplace.

Graphic Design Schools

Graphic design, a very broad area of study, is very much in demand with today’s computer technology, and therefore, more graphic design schools are sprouting up in many cities around the world.

There are specialty graphic design schools that are focused on visual media production, graphic design programs offered at traditional colleges and universities, and art schools that offer graphic design options.

A student can complete his or her work in the classroom or online, and there are many online graphic design schools and programs to choose from. Many graphic design schools offer certificates in a certain area of graphic design, or degrees.

Graphic design schools are usually quite good at placing students after graduation, or at least allowing students opportunities to network. Graphic design is one of the most sought-after areas of study today, because there are diverse fields and companies which require graphic designers, as well as many opportunities for graphic designers to work privately.

Interior Design School

If you have always enjoyed designing and redesigning your own space, interior design school may be for you. Perhaps you are the type who notices the way a home is arranged as soon as you enter, or may prefer one restaurant over another, not because of the menu or the service, but because of the ambience created by the interior design.

If you choose to enroll in interior design school, there are many different programs to choose from, depending on how much you want to specialize.

Many designers begin their careers with a certificate from an interior design school, and later decide to “upgrade” their degrees with a BFA ( a Bachelor of fine arts) or an MFA (Master’s of Fine Arts). A student can attend interior design school at a college or university or obtain a certificate at a trade school.