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Dislocating Education

Trade Schools

Trade Schools

Trade schools are designed for the career-oriented students who do not want to waste time taking courses they do not need. Traditional colleges will award a degree, but many hours are spent taking distribution requirements that are not related the main subject the student is going to study.

Trade schools are geared toward a specific profession, and are a good choice for those who want to focus on their careers and do not want to spend the time and money on a traditional college or university degree. Trade schools usually give the graduate as many career opportunities as a four year bachelor’s degree, often in half the time.

Trade schools offer courses in virtually any area of study that is useful in today’s marketplace.

Some of these areas include:

~ Information Technology

~ Art and Design

~ Media Art

Fashion Design School

If you were the type who enjoyed sketching, sewing and fitting clothes on Barbie and Ken, it may not be surprising that you are interested in attending fashion design school as an adult. Usually those who enroll in fashion design school have a lifelong love of fashion and clothing, and want to turn their passion into a profitable career.

Although admission into fashion design school can be competitive and finding a job upon graduation can be challenging, many talented people have flourished in fashion design school and have been able to find jobs in the field without difficulty. A fashion design school may exist under the auspices of an art school, or it can be located on the campus of a college or university.


Adult Education Schools

Adult Education Schools

In almost every community, there are adult education schools that allow those with busy work schedules and family responsibilities to take courses they may have missed in school and to improve their lives with courses in home design, parenting, and in a foreign language.

There are many reasons people attend adult education schools, as well as a variety of courses to suit every need. One advantage of attending adult education schools is that they often are low cost, and it is easy to take just one or two classes without enrolling in a full-time course.

Many of those who attend adult education schools feel that they only need one refresher course or would like to complete a course gradually, in one or two sessions a week. Another good reason to opt for adult education schools is that their classes can easily fit into the schedule of those who work full time or take care of children.