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Dislocating Education

Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy Schools

For those who are interested in a career in the medical profession and are interested in types of medicine, there are many pharmacy schools available offering vocational degrees to doctorates.

Before looking at pharmacy schools, it is useful to consider what area of pharmacy is best suited to you. There are those who attend pharmacy schools to become full-fledged pharmacists, whereas others are involved in tested new medicines and organize clinical trials.

Most pharmacy schools offer a Pharm D or a PhD, and some vocational schools train students to become pharmacists’ assistants. Some prefer to get a certificate and work with a pharmacist before going to pharmacy schools and enrolling in the full, four-year program.

The Pharm D is the most common course offered at pharmacy schools and is a four year, full-time course that offers students an opportunity to specialize in one of three areas:


Vocational School

Vocational School

If you would like a degree in a practical subject without spending a lot of time or money on extra courses you don’t really need, vocational school may be a good option for you.

Vocational school is an alternative to a traditional four year degree, and allows the student prepare directly for a career.

A vocational school schedule is usually flexible, and a student can work and raise a family while attending classes or online. Even if the classes occur during the day, the courses are usually a few months long to a year (with the exception of such degrees as nursing), and do not require putting one’s life on hold for years at a time.

When going to vocational school, one can choose to earn a degree, a diploma or a certificate, depending on the type of course and how specialized it is.